The national standard for Active Shooter Incident Management

A process to stop a shooter and rescue injured faster, saving lives.

What do you do?

In 2022, the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) endorsed the C3 Pathways Active Shooter Incident Management Checklist as a national standard. Having a national standard means law enforcement, fire, and emergency medical services responders across the country have an accepted way of managing active shooter events.

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You control the clock, not the criminal. The time it takes to address the threat, provide medical care and transport the injured matters.

Time kills. What you do next and how fast you do it saves lives!

Integration Problem

Responders aren’t sure how to work together across jurisdictions and disciplines, meaning police with other police and fire/EMS with police.

Clock Problem

The order in which you do things has a huge impact on how long it takes to neutralize the threat and rescue the injured. The clock never stops ticking.

National Standard

Endorsed by the NTOA as the national standard, the NIMS compliant Active Shooter Incident Management Checklist addresses integration and the clock.

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The Active Shooter Incident Management Checklist is designed for basic complexity through moderate complexity Active Shooter Events in a generic approach suitable for most communities. However, the Checklist will not be suitable for ALL communities. Each agency must evaluate if this Active Shooter Checklist is appropriate for their community, their staffing, and their risk. Read More

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Most active shooter training is tactics to stop the shooter and never addresses the rest of the incident. This historical training gap fails the victims who can bleed to death as responders struggle to manage the scene, the injured, and the clock. C3 Pathways developed the Active Shooter Incident Management Checklist — a response process that integrates law enforcement, fire, and EMS so the shooter is stopped quickly, victims are rescued quickly, and the scene is secured quickly, which results in saving more lives.

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