C3 Pathways Course Overview

Finding the Perfect Training Course

C3 Pathways Course Overview

Finding the Perfect Training Course

Active Shooter Incident Management Courses

ASIM Basic Train-the-Trainer (TtT)

In this 2-day introductory course, 2 instructors work with 10 Instructor Trainees to form the skills required to carry out training exercises and class for your agency's responders. On the second day of this course, the Instructor Trainees will teach two classes to your responders with C3 Pathways Instructors' supervision. This course introduces key concepts of an integrated response through three (3) hands-on scenarios.

ASIM Intermediate

In this 2-day mid-level course, 5 instructors work with 50 participants to establish incident management experience through seven (7) hands-on scenarios that address the skills needed to acheive an integrated response. ASIM Intermediate functions through NIMSProtm, providing a realistic expereince without ever removing resources from circulation. Also available through our NCIERCampustm, learn more about the realistic class experience of ASIM Intermediate Remote with the convience of your usual location.

ASIM Basic by Authorized Training Partners

In this 4-hour introductory course, C3 Pathways Authorized Training Partners work with 50 participants to begin incident management skills through our tabletop training platrform, Counterstriketm. This course is a great way to introduce topics and experience to responders of all rank and assignment.

ASIM Advanced

In this 3-day, comprehensive course, 6 instructors work with 60 participants to provide the experience and confidence needed to manage an Active Shooter Event, no matter their rank or assignment. ASIM Advanced allows responders to practice throught the NIMSProtm system, providing integration and management experience.

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School Safety And Violent Event Incident Management Courses

SSAVEIM Train the Trainer (TtT)

In this two day course, 6 particpants are trained by five C3 Pathways instructors to develop the skills and experience needed to instruct other personnel how to respond to violent events on a school campus. In the company of C3 Pathways intructors, your instructor trainees will teach their first class and ensure your agency maintains the experience and confidence needed to save lives.

SSAVEIM Comparison
SSAVEIM by ATP Comparison

SSAVEIM by Authorized Training Partners

This course, taught by one of our Authorized Training Partners, prepares school personnel and first responders alike to work together in the event of a violent incident on a school campus. With our training platform Counterstriketm, your team is able to plan, prepare, and practice their response to the unthinkable. In just eight hours participants are taught how to secure students, identify the threat, provide medical intervention, and reunify students with their loved ones.

Responders Enjoying Training

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