Plan. Prepare. Practice.

C3 Pathways Counterstrike

With Counterstriketm Reunification

Active shooter events occur everywhere. What happens when that place is a school? With a threat to control and thousands of kids to reunite with their loved ones, is your team ready?

Counterstriketm Reunification is a revolutionary tabletop training tool designed to effectively and efficiently prepare your team for violent events and the immediate hours after. With this tool, you are able to practice your response to a complex, unpredictable, and full-length event without ever leaving the building.

Reunification is not a simple process. There are countless variables that all require a plan and every branch of the plan requires practice. Counterstriketm reunification can help you pursue, prepare, and practice your plan from a global perspective with the convenience and requirements of a board game.

Reunification Kit

Students 90
LE units 35
FD/EMS units 16
Victims/Casualties 75
Command Vests 22
Boards 3
Carrying Box
Price $1895

Plan & Prepare

Counterstriketm Reunification is easy to learn and simple to use. Using the global view, you can implement your plan from multiple angles and prpare for the unexpected or unpredictable. Without a plan, your response could be chaotic and confusing. Counterstriketm Reunification works with you to clarify the confusion and save lives.


Counterstriketm Reunification is easily portable, allowing frequent training in any location or duration of time. Practicing your plan as often as possible is one of the best ways to ensure a quick and organized response, made easy by the flexibility of Counterstriketm Reunification.

C3 Pathways Counterstrike

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Stop the Killing. Stop the Dying.®

Counterstriketm is a revolutionary tabletop training tool that is simple to learn, easy to use and readily portable. Counterstriketm utilizes uniquely crafted, accurate scale, collapsible environment boards which provide a global view by all training participants. The system includes staging and command boards to develop those critical functions and poker-style resource chips that represent equipment, vehicles and various response or school personnel. Sets of dice simulate random chance and the unpredictability of not only the suspects’ movements, but also casualties incurred and the deployment and arrival of responding resources.

® Stop the Killing, Stop the Dying is a registered trademark of Texas State University and is used with permission.


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